Alegria Open Rotterdam
23 to 25 June 2017
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The Alegria Open Rotterdam was introduced to the GLTA international tour in 2014. It is a GLTA event but also open to anyone that enjoys the game regardless of color, race or sexual orientation. We have been working on a great program for the tournament for every year to make sure that all participants will have a great time in Rotterdam.

We have been asked why it is called Alegria and why the Toucan is the symbol of the tournament. The name Alegria is a Portuguese word meaning happiness and joy. In Brazil, it is used on daily basis. Like they say there "Alegria is the spirit of the sport". The Toucan is an appropiate symbol of the tournament because Toucans can form heterosexual couples as well as homosexual couples as lifelong relationships. They live in perfect harmony together despite that difference.

We warmly welcome players from all over the world. The tournament crew and all of our enthusiastic volunteers really hope you enjoy the tournament.

See you all in Rotterdam!

Ney Flavio Alves Barbosa, Dennis Brienne and Jan van Gennip